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Pakistan’s First High Power Soft Tissue Laser Center

Laser induced flow enhancement 980 nm diode laser system

We have combined technology and art of surgery to facilitate the patients refused from various centers, refused due to lack of facilities or a compromised patient.

The high power diode laser is the latest surgical technology, 1st time introduced in Pakistan by “Urology Suite” in 2009. We have one of the most powerful lasers in the world. which is a blessing for patients, especially for those who are unfit for surgery.

It is an alternative to conventional surgery. the laser system is guided by a side or straight firing optic fiber, vaporizing/incising target tissue very precisely and selectively while preserving the surrounding structures.

Dr. Farooq Hameed

The Leading Urologist in Pakistan

I am Dr. Farooq Hameed, the founder of Urology Suite and leading Endo-Urologist in Pakistan. I practice at Urology Suite, located at  Mid City hospital, Lahore.  Now you can book an online appointment with me from Monday to Saturday between 09:00AM-09:00 PM at Urology Suite Mid City Hospital Office, Jail Road, Lahore. I treat ureter, urethra, bladder, kidney, prostate,… through the latest technology.


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We offer extensive medical procedures to patients.

Our major areas of specialization include Visual Laser ablation of the prostate (irrespective of size), Visual Laser ablation of bladder tumors (irrespective of size) and other related issues.

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